Raw Brownies?

               Thank God for healthy bloggers, vloggers and chefs who come up with recipes that won’t kill you a week or few weeks later on the scale!

I made this so good, so sweet recipe last night in honor of my mother in law who is on the Daniel fast this month. I discovered this recipe from a vlog I follow on youtube titled Rawvana. I found her on youtube when I was searching for smoothie recipes and am so happy to have her on my subscriptions. This lady is an inspiration, sometimes I don’t know how she does it!

So I found this recipe on her vlog and I have to share it here, because it’s so good and worth the effort to make it! Although it has few ingredients, the total cost did come out to about 25, but again it’s worth it. The bulk of the expense came from the cacao powder itself, but think about it, you have a whole bag of this heaven to make more raw brownies!

The ingredients I used for the raw brownies were as stated in her youtube videos:

15 dates (presoaked in water before you blend it)

1 cup of almond meal (or you can just buy almonds and ground them up yourself)

and 4 tbsp of cacao powder

Thats what I used, but she adds a little more in her video if your interested to see it below!

I also made the pudding recipe to go over it, mmm so good! This calls for:

5-6 dates

2 tbsp of cacao powder

and avocado 

That is what I used, but she also added vanilla powder. It is so easy to make and only requires an hour in the freezer before you can give in to your sweet tooth!

And mom, I know your probably going to read this, so yes I will bring some for you to try!

And thats it!

Thank you Rawvana for the recipe!


Youtube link below:





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