It’s so easy to say, “I’m changing my diet, no more this, that and this deliciousness,” but over time you’ll find that it is almost always a recipe for failure. I’m guilty of this. I understand the need to want to break up with a no good for you food, but sometimes our approach is too sudden. We deprive our bodies suddenlyΒ of what we are accustomed to eating. Therefore, after a short time of our new diet we give up too soon from the need to have that deprived food again. We defeat ourselves before we can achieve a true lifestyle change.

My idea of healthy living is feeling the best we can in our day to day lives. So what makes us feel good in the long run? The answer is the foods we eat and yes exercise! Now it’s easy to type these words and you’re probably reading this and thinking, ugh yes I know what I have to do, but let me give you some advice that I’m starting to use.

Before you beat yourself up, before you throw in the towel stop, here it is… set small goals for yourself. I have to type this word again…small. Set a goal for a certain week, where you decide like me, “you know what, I want to make sure I drink more water, or I’m going to have more fruit,” or anything really the choice is yours.

I know when you want to lose weight everything in you wants to do it all at once. I’m in the business of gaining weight right now, but I do want to help those that want to see a change in their life. The outward appearance shows weight loss and that seems to be the main goal for people, but what we’re missing is do we truly feel good! You will lose weight by eating better. It’s just a matter of changing how we eat and not feeling deprived in the process.

This is my journey. This is what my blog is about. I want to eat foods that energize me and make me feel good and I want to document my experience by being more mindful of what I eat and learning about the foods I fuel my body with.

The point is not this though, for this post I want to encourage you and say, don’t beat yourself up. If you’ve decided that you need a change take that step and train your body little by little to want, crave and enjoy healthier foods. There are ways and I’ll be there with you.

So set a goal this week or next and think small, but stick with it. Once you master that goal, add a new one. Some goals might be easier or more challenging than others like exercise for example is tough. Just having the time to go to the gym is a challenge, but guess what, we have the magical world of youtube and setting a goal of 15/30 minutes of any youtube channel of your choice and you’ll feel accomplished.

I’m actually attempting to do home workouts. Just arms and a 30 minute 2mph walk on the treadmill. Mainly it’s for my mental health. I don’t need an article to tell me that exercise influences your mental health. I have felt a dramatic influence to my overall well being when I add exercise into my life. That’s why I love the warmer weather, being outside and walking is a stress relievier for me. It’s winter here in New Jersey, so if your goal is exercising pick a home workout that you enjoy or make time for the gym.

So remember…

“Don’t beat yourself up

set small goals

and, Clap for your damn self!”



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