Earn your Happy 😁

This past week I started searching for podcasts. I was searching so that I would have something to listen to in order to keep my goal of going on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I was also searching, because being with a toddler all day as your buddy is pretty lonely despite how cute and how much you LOVE them.

So the podcast I want to introduce you to, and that I’ve been listening to, is a self help podcast by Lori Harder called “Earn your Happy!” I didn’t think I would enjoy this podcast as much as I have, but she has so many helpful tips and the best part for me is that she incorporates her Christian faith in her self help as well.

She has these podcast titles that are titled quickies, which are short 10 to 15 minute or less lessons that are perfect if you’re doing the dishes or folding the laundry ( in my case: if my toddler is sleeping).

I listened to an awesome one today called “Gratitude is the best way to attract more things to be grateful for.” I encourage you to listen! It’s about teaching yourself to be in the present more rather than the past or future, which can both bring bitterness, regret or worry and anxiety into your life. I battle my own worries, fears, anxieties and being alone with my thoughts can lead to depression. I’ve experienced depression in my life far too often to have it take me down. There comes a point where enough is enough. Gratitude in the past and now has helped me overcome the things that I want or can’t have and this podcast episode helped me realize that every time I am grateful I’m happier and more present! I used the iTunes podcast app. It’s a purple icon if you search for it on the apple app store.

Hope this encourages you all too!



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