Synthetic vitamin A palmitate & Pregnancy Update


Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Twenty four weeks and in four more weeks I’ll finally be in my third trimester! Had my check up yesterday for my growing little boy and everything is going smooth so far, thank God! I am now only 1 pound over the weight I should be right now and I credit that to dropping bread down to twice a week, pizza night and whichever day I go and visit my mom.

This food journey of mine is a work in process and what I have added to my lifestyle has helped me such as drinking more water and being aware of how much sugar I’m consuming. I am addicted to sugar and it is really hard for me to pass it up, especially given the fact that I’m pregnant and blah blah baby wants, but really I just want that food.

I know that the more bread I have the more bread I’m going to crave and that is the toughest part to overcome. It is possible though. Exercising has helped and I only walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Being aware really helps. It is the little things that count in the long run, like “hey, I had a bagel today let me not have bread for the rest of the day.” I remember asking my husband what he does when he regrets a food that he ate, such as when it makes you feel uncomfortable, and his answer always stayed with me, “I just drink water.” It is so true. Instead of letting that food pile up in your stomach and digestive track, flush it out. Yes, the damage might be done, but you are helping your body along to move the food through and you know out. I hate to drive you guys nuts with my bread rants, but it’s my food addiction at the moment, and I’ve never had this before. I’ve never wanted bread and sandwiches more in my life, so on the blog it goes. But anyway…


So my husband and I tried out an almond milk called Califia farms and I LOVE it. I’ve avoided almond milk, because most brands contain the synthetic vitamin a palmitate. This brand doesn’t contain this vitamin. It’s in most processed foods, like cereal and it’s used to add lost vitamins. There are other synthetic vitamins added to food too, however Ā I focused in on this one simple because I was pregnant. The synthetic form of vitamin a palmitate in high doses contributes to birth defects along with other symptoms. Now I know its only in high doses, but I just don’t want it in something I’m going to consume every day despite how low the dose is. I’m not going to go nuts and always avoid it, if I want the occasional Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drink with a little almond milk it won’t be the end of the world, but I guess it is good to know instead of not knowing. Live your life, but this brand of almond milk is great! The first time we bought it unsweetened and I still loved the taste. This week he bought the sweetened version and I didn’t notice it until this picture. That’s why I was loving my coffee more and not adding sugar to it. I thought I was doing so good with the no sugar in my coffee, but turns out I was having sugar with my coffee by having the milk. It’s a very little amount though.

So check out my reference below and you decide, happy Saturday!

What Is Vitamin A Palmitate?



2 thoughts on “Synthetic vitamin A palmitate & Pregnancy Update

    • Thankfully I learned that with Amelia’s pregnancy! It’s crazy how you think you’re giving your baby the best and then find out those little details.


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