Yerba Mate


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I’ve had a goal dropping week that has made me think, how the heck am I going to eat good with two babies needing my attention 24/7? I’ve slept in, which I don’t feel that guilty about since cherishing sleep is something I should do before baby #2 arrives in late May. I’ve been less active, meaning I’ve dropped my 30 minute treadmill a day for more sleep in the morning and I am not even attempting to squeeze it in at night, because I’m so tired by the time I put my daughter to bed. Lastly, I haven’t been eating all that great.

I’ve never had an appetite like this…ever, not even with my daughter’s pregnancy. Do boy pregnancy’s make you more hungry or am I more active than I realize with my toddler? Guess we’ll see if that changes postpartum, but then I remember how breastfeeding increases appetite so we’ll see.

So yeah that has been my progress, the only good goals I’ve been keeping is drinking water (even though I’ve been dropping the ball with that too), I’m still making sure I eat a good breakfast and that I have fruit during the day. It’s the little things, but I have a long journey ahead!


So…moving on, have you heard of yerba mate? The brand that we have only has 40mg in a mate bag. I just had a cup even though some articles I read are conflicting in terms of drinking it during pregnancy, so I’m sticking with my cup of coffee, but I will keep this in mind. Before I drank it I was feeling very tired and now I find that I’m more alert, but without the feeling coffee gives me afterwards. I read that in other articles so I can definitely attest to that benefit!


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It is said to have more antioxidants than green tea. It is known for its nutrients and antioxidant properties, energy, weightless, lowering blood sugar levels and reducing risk of heart disease. I’ve linked the article below. My husband loves his tea, and I hope to drink it every now and then postpartum.

8 Health Benefits of Yerba Mate (Backed by Science)



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