Drink up! 

Still here! 👋🏼 Just finding pregnancy harder and harder this time around and I’ve been really tired. So expect as a soon to be Mom of two that my 101 post updates won’t always be weekly, but I’ll still be here so stick around.

31 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. Can’t wait to be at the finish line and hold my little guy already. So nothing much has changed as of my last post. I only have 6 more pounds to gain in this pregnancy to stay within the healthy weight gain…only 6 and I have 9 weeks to go. However, my appetite isn’t as crazy as it was in the beginning I’m actually not that hungry and my meals are smaller. Granted my stomach is being squished right now due to my growing baby.

I’ll post bump pics soon to see how much my belly grows from here on out. My father said I look as big as I did towards the end of my pregnancy with my daughter Amelia. It scares me a little because I felt big then, how much bigger can I get?  Belly progression pictures soon as a final countdown. And as embarrassing as it’ll be for me I will be posting postpartum belly pics 😱. Just want to see for myself how long it takes for my belly to go back to normal.

Anyway, this post! I still find it hard to drink my water especially now that I get full so quickly. Aside from adding lemon in my water, which is great- I’ve been wanting  a flavored herbal tea to help me get my water in. Today I tried celestial seasonings watermelon lime zinger and it is awesome! Adding flavor to your water makes it less of a chore to drink! Hope this tip helps you, because for someone like me who only drinks water this is a treat!



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