All about the seeds!


         Okay so there are chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds and I’m sure there are other seeds that I have no clue about. A quick google search of these seeds and you’ll find words like superfood, omega 3’s, protein, fiber all these wonderful health benefits. You don’t even think about it, you just take say, “give me, give me, give me, I want that, I need that.” Truly great benefits.

          Originally I was going to compare these seeds and see which one is a definite buy, but they all have their own purposes. I’ll give you a quick summary of some of the articles I read and I’ll list the sources below if you wish to read more about the topic. Most of the articles I read were within the past year. I’m bringing you the information based off the research from these articles. My first source comes from Dr. John Day titled flax vs. chia, which should you eat?

Omega 3’s: Both flax seeds and chia seeds came at a tie for this omega 3. However, the downfall is that since flax and chia seeds are a plant based, the omega 3 that it provides is in the form of ALA (Alpha-Linolenic acid) and the body takes just a little of this form and turns it into DHA which is what our brains truly benefit from. 

Fiber: Chia seeds is the winner! They both provide fiber, but chia seeds wins by providing 7% more of your daily fiber intake.

I encourage you to read this article. Dr. John’s conclusion on flax and chia seeds is that they are both great for you. If you want more calcium in your diet, because you no longer want milk then chia seeds are what you want. If you’re looking to lower your cholestoral then flaxseeds are for you. Again I’ve listed the article below for you! It’s a great read!

Now, here comes the big downfall- phytic acid. Seeds and nuts contain phytic acid, which basically prevents your body from getting all the great nutrients that these seeds provide. I know. Preparation is involved if you want to consume these seeds. Chia seeds are easier to remove phytic acid by simply soaking them. If you already make chia seed pudding then you are already decreasing the phytic acid in them. And here comes the benefit of hemp seeds. Apparently they don’t have phytic acid (sorry for using that word for the millionth time), so there is no special preparation required. If this article is wrong, please let me know, but from this particular source it seems to state that hemp seeds don’t contain phytic acid, therefore it doesn’t interfere with nutrient absorption.

I’ll research hemp seeds more, but with it you have protein (even though there are many sources of protein available-even for vegans) and omega 3’s like chia and flax. I’ll provide a source below for further reading.

The most surprising aspect about reading about these seeds was….here comes the word again, phytic acid! Plan to do more reading on it.


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Wa Wa

img_3343  Wa wa is what my 14 month old calls water. It’s so cute hearing her say it and it’s going to suck a little when she starts pronouncing the “t” and “er” sounds.

I wish I could say I’m beaming in the picture above because I LOVE water, but really having the recommended eight cups of water a day feels like too much water. I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but it’s an effort for me to drink water. Especially FIRST thing in the morning! I just want a cup of coffee in the morning with a little milk and sugar (I know I’m bad).

I know that we also get water from the foods we eat, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that at one point I would have maximum, two bottles of water a day. So about 33.8 ounces of water a day instead of the recommended 64 ounces. If I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t normally think about how much water I was having in a day, but I’m determined to change. I have breastfeeding to think about in my near future and I want to nurture not only my baby, but take care of my body.

So, I’ve dowloaded a simple app and I hope this helps you track your water intake too. It’s called Water Daily.


When you download the app simply place in the daily amount of water that you would like for your day. You can choose liters or ounces. I chose ounces, and once you set that all you have to do is click on the plus sign. On the left a small gulp eight ounce icon will appear and on the right a big gulp sixteen ounce icon will appear. Choose how much you drank, either a cup of water or a standard bottle of water and it tracks it for you.

I’m pretty happy with this app! If you struggle with water intake like me, try it out!


And now I’m 20 weeks pregnant

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetΒ  Β  Β  Β Β Β Having a baby already makes a second time pregnancy go really fast. I remember with Amelia I would count how many days and weeks I was. If someone asked me how far along I was I knew the exact number. This time around I was asked the same question and I completely forgot how far along I was. If it wasn’t for the Ovia app I would be counting in months not weeks. I’ve heard this happens. I just can’t believe I’m halfway there already.

I call this pregnancy my pizza pregnancy so far. With my first I wasn’t sick the first trimester, not like I was with this pregnancy, so my carb intake this time around was, “quick let me eat, before I feel sick again.” I felt the lingering sickness until 14 weeks. I mean I felt better at 12 weeks, probably 95% better and 5% why am I still feeling this way?

How did I get my carbs in? Bread, you know, the oh so good and so satisfying until you’re hungry again bread. When I started feeling my second trimester back to some type of normal again, I finally felt that I could eat like I used to. More fruits, some vegetables, but did I want that, no…I wanted bread. A couple weeks of eating bread can get your stomach and brain really used to the definition of what full really feels like.

I can go on and on about how much I regret my eating habits after I came out of the daze of the first trimester. Instead of the memories of bad eating choices I can now say I am 2 pound over what I should weigh at this point. This morning my app told me, by now (20 weeks) most women have gained 10 pounds. I mentally counted in my head and with my recent weigh in, I am 14 pounds instead of that pretty 10. Thanks bread, thanks. Aside from the weight, I’m more concerned about what I am giving this baby to grow. My weight is my weight, but I want to give my body goods to deliver not empty calories.

When it comes to a healthy relationship with food, it comes down to choices. Sometimes we’re weak in those choices and sometimes we’re strong. I say we’re stronger though if we have food items in the home that are good for us. Doesn’t make it easier, but when you truly want to change the way you eat you will. Little by little though, you can’t say in one day you are cured of sugar addiction if you’ve been living that lifestyle for months or years. It takes time and determination to change. Bread is something I can avoid even though I still crave it and still feel like I need it to feel full, but it’s not true. Bread is simply a choice I have to make and considering I’m having a baby I can think of plenty of other things that are better for this baby than bread. We just have to have that same love for ourselves when it comes to what food we let ourselves eat.

Lastly, I still do eat bread or have, but I make sure it’s not white bread and it’s not around the clock. I used to have bread as a snack. I’m making improvements.

There is so much I want to write about in the world of food. So many diet lifestyles that I have thoughts on, and some I would like to try postpartum of course. There are things I’d love to research more like is milk really that bad for you and how much meat is too much? Can’t wait to process all this and I hope you join me! I’ll be doing updates, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. I’ll see what fits best in time!